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Jonroc is a web design and online marketing company owned and operated by Benjamin. Jonroc is located in Richmond, VA, and Burst Nexus is going to push Jonroc.com into the first page of search results on Google and Bing for local search results.


Search engines use complicated algorithms to automatically decide which websites they will show on the first page. There are hundreds of factors that are analyzed by search engines algorithms, and some of the most influential factors are the amount of time a user spends on a website, how much of the site they browse, and how many times the website is clicked on from the search results. Our strategy is simple, send Burst Nexus members to search engines where they will click on Jonroc’s link followed by a thorough browse through the website.

Action Items

We’re going to launch jonroc.com into the first spot on Google. Then the Jonroc Development team is going to build out an amazing website for Burst Nexus.

Completing this action item will reward you with [decactiontokens] BN Tokens!
Completing this action item will reward you with [decactiontokens] BN Tokens!
Completing this action item will reward you with [decactiontokens] BN Tokens!
Completing this action item will reward you with [decactiontokens] BN Tokens!

Value for Burst Nexus

Jonroc has built the framework for the Burst Nexus website. As great as this website is there are hundreds of ways we can increase the scope and value of burstnexus.com and all of them require a great deal of time and money. Helping to generate leads for Jonroc will enable Ben and the Jonroc Team to continue to build amazing feature and services for Burst Nexus. Additionally, if we are successful in launching jonroc.com onto the first page then we will have the ability to attract other professional companies or individuals to help Burst Nexus in exchange for social or website boosting. Learn more about Burst Nexus’ bootstrap strategy for launching the organization.

Value for BN Members

Naturally, any improvement to the Burst Nexus website is going to help members in an indirect way but we also have a more direct value for our members. Burst Nexus is launching a training program that will teach our members how to create a niche website and monetize it with ads. Our member’s new websites have the ability to generate up to $1,200 a month* in passive income. Learn more about niche website lessons here.

Want to learn how you can make good money creating niche websites?

You don’t have to be a website developer, but you should be a good researcher and writer (you can always partner up with a friend too). Once your niche website is live we’ll use the power of Burst Nexus to launch your site into the top position of Google and Bing and teach you how to monetize your website with ads.

*The possibility of earning $1,200 a month as reported by the Income School Guys is not guaranteed and would vary greatly depending on the individual and website.