» Unite, Act, Attract, & Prosper


When a large enough group of individuals unite for a common purpose the collective power, influence, and intelligence consolidates to the center of the organization. Historically this consolidation of power has unproportionately benefited the owners, rulers, and leaders of large organizations or movements. The Burst Nexus social experiment seeks to unite people under one cause so we can generate united power and distribute benefits of the power back into the community.

Burst Nexus can develop solid governance and leadership and our united group can accomplish things that the world will marvel at. A brief look through history will showcase thousands of examples of how many great things have happened when a nation or community consolidates all of their knowledge and power. Whether groups have welded their power for good or evil in the past the undeniable proof remains that a large enough united group can create immense power if they can find common ground and work together. The members of the Burst Nexus Network are uniting to create abundance, opportunity, and prosperity for our community.


Unity is great but without action it is powerless. Burst Nexus gives every single community member 5 – 15 minutes action tasks that can be completed anytime during the week. Action tasks will vary but most of them are centered around viewing, liking, and commenting on social media posts or viewing and clicking through websites. When you poll a large group of people the results show us the common opinion which is extremely valuable so we also take polls from time to time to add value to Burst Nexus. These simple action items can be completed at any time at your leisure and you can do as many or as few as you’d like. So whether you’re on the bus, watching TV, in a line waiting, or anytime you have a few minutes of downtime you can take simple actions that as an individual are almost valueless, but as a united community has colossal financial and sociological value.


In addition to taking small actions throughout your week, you will have the opportunity to attract new members to join us on our mission to create prosperity in the lives of our members. In a world where people are constantly bombarded with advertising and social messages every day, your recommendation is extremely valuable. A simple personal message or share to your closest friends and family with an endorsement for Burst Nexus has the power to cut directly through the noise. As a matter of fact, we even use the incredible power you hold to cut through the noise to attract social media influencers, professional advisors, and celebrities to join the Burst Nexus movement.

The Burst Nexus Network is starting out with 10 everyday people just like you and me. Did you know that if each new member of Burst Nexus only attracts 2 friends to join the movement we’ll have over 100,000 people in the network in less than 12 months? This is possible because of the law of compounding numbers more commonly known as the network effect. On average each person in the network is only encouraged to find two friends to join the movement. You don’t have to sell anything, explain anything, or debate anything. You simply have to send them over to a Burst Nexus social site or this website with your endorsement, easy peasy. We want the network to spread by word of mouth which will help weed out spammers and other adversaries who may want to take advantage of the Burst Nexus Network. But, once the network hits 1000 people we will be able to start running paid advertising which will recruit thousands of people into the network in a very short period of time (with everyone’s help of course).


Burst Nexus is a social experiment that is being conducted to find out if people can overcome their differences and unite their online social power, real-life social power, buying power, and attention capturing power to create a large network. Once Burst Nexus is large enough you will have the opportunity to utilize the power of Burst Nexus to benefit your own personal life, the lives of your community, and the lives of your family. Every member is invited to share and promote their personal goals on the network to see how The Burst Nexus Network can help. Additionally, we have some pretty interesting ideas on how a large group of people could generate a lot of wealth together, so we’ll be sharing those ideas with the community as well. There are currently only three small catches:

  1. You have to choose a goal that will benefit your life while giving back to the Burst Nexus community at the same time. One of our first set of action tasks is designed to raise up jonroc.com from the 3rd page of Google search results into one of the top 3 positions on the first page. The monetary value to jonroc.com will be very high, that is the personal gain. Once the website is on the first page of Google the development team at Jonroc will create an amazing community forum and website for Burst Nexus. Project Jonroc is one simple example out of thousands of possibilities on how we can use the power of the Burst Nexus community to benefit an individual while also creating value for Burst Nexus.
  2. The personal benefit to you and to Burst Nexus has to be PG rated. Our goal is to unite as many people as possible from all types of sociological and religious backgrounds. There are plenty of opportunities that we can all benefit from that are not going to be offensive to one’s grandmother or inappropriate to talk about with children. That does not mean we can’t take risks or that we all have to be prudes but we do need to be considerate of all members of the community. In general, the less controversial the goal is the more likely it is to get traction within the community.
  3. You may not promote any idea or business that is designed to take advantage of the network effect. This includes network marketing opportunities, MLM schemes, or any other scheme where the strategy, product, or service promotes the recruiting other people. Network marketing opportunities have held a bad stigma for decades and we don’t want to muddy the waters of what Burst Nexus is doing. Burst Nexus differs greatly from network marketing (MLM) in many areas and we don’t want to intermingle the two worlds which both take advantage of the network effect.