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Burst Nexus is a community that seeks to unite individuals all around the world so that we can complete action items together while attracting new members. We are all putting our differences aside so we can unify and focus our time and energy into creating opportunity and money online. Our network combines the buying power, viewing power, and social power of our members so we can open up unique opportunities to prosper as individuals and as a community. We are still in the experimental stages of Burst Nexus. Our primary hypothesis is that people will be willing to spend a small amount of time and effort completing quick and easy action tasks now to create powerful opportunities to prosper that will come later. We believe that the combined actions of thousands of people will make a huge impact on the internet over a longer span of time. We’re realists and we know that this will take a lot of time and hard work before we achieve the goals that we have set.

Bootstrapping Burst Nexus

In general, there are two ways to start and grow a large network. The most common way is to attract venture capital and take out large loans so the organization can create a flawless application which would be heavily advertised to potential new members after the product is finished. The second popular strategy utilizes the bootstrap approach. Burst Nexus is taking the bootstrap approach to starting up a venture. Bootstrapping is building an organization from the ground up with nothing but personal savings and, with luck, the help of thousands of individuals who are joining the Burst Nexus Experiment every day. We are starting with a very modest website which will be built out further as new members join the network.

Advantages of Bootstrapping

  1. You can collect user feedback before you build the next stage of the website to find out what is most valuable to your members.
  2. You have more flexibility to experiment with different ideas and strategies.
  3. You have more flexibility because you don’t have venture capitalists pushing you in one direction or another.
  4. You can grow as slow or fast as you’d like (you don’t have to worry about large monthly payments made back to a bank).


  1. Create a Minimum Viable Product. Our MVP is our website and at a minimum, we need a way to register users, create and complete actions tasks/projects, and present news about our progress. We have that so check!
  2. Build onto our MVP as we attract new members.
  3. Create revenue from ads, affiliate links, and our Mastermind Memberships.
  4. As we build revenue for Burst Nexus more time and attention can be given to the website, a mobile app, and our membership services.
  5. Once Burst Nexus is profitable we can create opportunities for our members to profit online.

Learn More About Bootstrapping

Take a look at this video from Shane Melaugh who bootraped his very large website theming business. One great point he makes is that when you bootstrap you need to start with small and easy goals at first. By accomplishing those goals you can systematically move your way into grander goals with higher payouts. This is approach is 100% in line with the strategy of Burst Nexus. Make sure you give him a like and comment courtesy of the Burst Nexus Community!

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