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People are uniting all over the world to build a network that unifies online browsing, member opinions, and internet viewing attention. With our united focus we can generate income and stature for the Burst Nexus Network. As Burst Nexus grows it searches for opportunities to promote and reward members from within the Burst Nexus community.

Your opinions and "clicking power" are immensely valuable when combined with all the members of the Burst Nexus Community. Join the social experiment that is working towards some exciting goals that will bring prosperity, entertainment, and opportunity to our members.

There is nothing to buy, it's free to participate in this social experiment.

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The Burst Nexus social experiment seeks to unite people under one cause; the creation of community and personal prosperity. Together we can generate social and economic power and distribute the benefits of that power back into the community.

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Unite Forces


Unity is great but without action it is powerless. Burst Nexus gives every single community member 5-15 minutes action tasks that can be completed anytime during the week. Action tasks will vary but most of them are centered around viewing, liking, and commenting on social media posts or viewing and clicking through websites.

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Act Together


A simple personal message or social share to your closest friends and family with an endorsement for Burst Nexus has the power to cut directly through the noise of our busy modern lives. Your personal endorsement is extremely valuable in our modern age and Burst Nexus knows how to capture that power and turn it into prosperity.

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Attract More People


Burst Nexus is a social experiment that is being conducted to find out if people can overcome their differences and unite their online social power, real-life social power, buying power, and attention capturing power to create a large network. Once Burst Nexus is large enough you will have the opportunity to utilize the power of Burst Nexus to benefit your own personal life, the lives of your community, and the lives of your family.

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